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Using git for hardware development and looking for a visual diff tool?

Follow the steps below to download and install AllSpice's free diff tool for electrical engineering. 

Visual diff tool for Altium circuit files

Compatible with:


Download AllSpice's diff tool

Configure for Git Bash
After the install, you can add a text file named .gitattributes with the following line to the top level of any git directory you want to enable AllSpice diff in:
      *.schdoc diff=allspice
      *.pcbdoc diff=allspice

After this, you can run git diff just as you would with text-based files.
Configure for TortoiseGit
If you use a git client, such as TortoiseGit, you can configure AllSpice as an external diff tool by going to TortoiseGit > Settings > Diff Viewer > Advanced... > Add... and adding a filter for .schdoc file extension with the following CLI parameters:

   "C:/Users/<user>/AppData/Local/Programs/allspice/allspice" --show %mine --diff %base --base %ypath

Where <user> is replaced with your username.

Repeat the same process using .pcbdoc extension to enable AllSpice for PCBs.

Want to stay updated about new releases?

We have a few exciting new releases coming up.

If you want to stay informed and be notified when new integrations are launched, sign up here:

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