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The features you need to accelerate your hardware development.


Collaborative development

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Team administration




Collaborative development  

Unlimited collaborators

Unlimited repos

Files up to 512 MB

Engineers and collaborators both share their feedback on the platform.

As many projects as you can handle, with as many files as you need.

Enough for every design under the sun - unless it includes a 4k movie.

Flexible branching

Create custom development branch workflows including gitflow, and branches for  features, releases,  filtering, and deviations

Track changes in any file type

Repo templates

Full development history of any file type. Track your BOMs, symbol libraries, cable drawings, assembly instructions, production and test software or firmware.

Customize your processes with a reusable workflow. Save what works and change what doesn't. Match your existing product development system.


Design reviews

Web schematics and PCB layout viewer

Customize reviewers

Visual review

Review design drawings without needing the native ECAD software. Drawings are object level and contain component and net data. Pan, zoom, and select individual components to get the information you need.

Flexible reviewer lists allow you to invite the right domain expert to help ensure your designs meet your goals. Get feedback from your mechanical, test, manufacturing, and planning teams.

Capture design snippets directly from schematics and PCBs and add them to your design reviews. Use snippets of the circuits to approve, comment, or request changes.

Visual diff

Bill of Material diff

Design review checklists

See what changes between versions with direct object-level markup of schematics and PCB layouts. Easily see what is new, changed, and deleted with a convenient colorized diff.

Simplify understanding and communicating the changes of your BOM with a full-color visual diff of the before and after.

Find and fix common and reoccurring design errors with a design review checklist. Use our template, or create your own to match your existing review scheme.



Version control

Decentralized feedback

Mirroring files

Automate your release process and gain some peace of mind. People looking at the wrong file versions (Is the right version ‘V2.FINAL’ or ‘V2.THISONE’ ?) should have stopped in the 90's.

Say goodbye to in-person design review slide decks and highlighting changes in Paint. Ensure you'll get feedback from your entire team by giving them time and space and the tools to add action items and design feedback.

Automatically sync backups of your repos to external servers, or use AllSpice Hub to mirror from your existing git repos.

File sharing

Email notifications

Webhook integrations

Automated PCB, schematic, and BOM redlines that you share with a link will prevent you from manually compiling design changes. 

Receive email notifications when files are added, changed, or up for review. See the latest comments and design feedback right from your inbox.

Share your design changes and review comments to the tools you're already using to communicate like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Telegram.



Quickstart guide

How-to guides


Go from zero to golden as quickly as possible. We've got the guide to get you understanding all the necessary features and steps to use the best design and revision control tools.

Step-by-step articles and videos for how to make the easy tasks easy and the difficult tasks possible. All our guides are based on user questions and we're happy to make new guides upon request.

You aren't the first person to ask, so head to see our frequently answered questions.

One-on-one and team onboarding

Regular feature and
blocker check-ins

Extensive self-help knowledgebase

We'll meet with you or your team to pair and help you with your issues. Formal webinars or low-key pair development.

We welcome feature requests and learning what tool changes would improve your workflow. We meet regularly with users willing to share their experiences and needs.

Beat the learning curve with our tutorials and in-depth documentation. Become our next FAQ by asking us something new.


Access management

Repo permissions

Team permissions

Branch protection

Customize your designs with separate permissions and settings for each repository. Add people to create changes, review files, or make edits. Granular control over read/write access to files, issues, design reviews, releases, wikis, and projects.

Streamline user access with teams. Grant permissions to specific repos and read/write granularity to the entire team. Create separate teams for Contract Manufacturers, reviewers, and people who can create and edit files.

Control who can push changes to specific branches. Prevent files from being merged or released without 



Data transfer

We use only encrypted transfers to our servers (SSH + HTTPS) and use a one-way hash of all user passwords using bcrypt

Data redundancy

With AllSpice, you also have the ability to configure Github, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, or other git-based systems as a backup mirror for any or all of your repositories.


We use only SOC 3 Type 2 and/or ISO27001 compliant servers with customer data encrypted at rest and daily data backups.

2-factor authorization

AllSpice Hub supports both TOTP and WebAuthn as second factors.


Industry renowned agencies pen test our systems against common attack vectors, including XSS, dependency injection, ReDoS, MitM, etc. 

Security grade

Project management


Never let an action item go uncaptured or unassigned again.  Track feature requests, design specifications, bugfixes, and validation/verification requirements.

Design reviews

Ensure your file changes are correct with design reviews. Collect visual feedback, comments and new issues. Fix your problems before you fabricate them.


Track collections of issues to help your design sprints. Use milestones to help you focus and prioritize an agile release process.


Control which fabrication files are associated with a revision with releases. Never ship the wrong files again.

Project kanban

Organize your long-term project management with project kanbans. Collect and view your issues assigned to a project in a familiar visual interface.

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Version control

Centralized feedback

Say goodbye to in-person design review slide decks and highlighting changes in Paint.





People looking at the wrong file versions (Is the right version ‘V2.FINAL’ or ‘V2.THISONE’ ?) should have stopped in the 90's.


Automated PCB, schematic, and BOM redlines that you share with a link will prevent you from manually compiling design changes. 


Team Management


Repo templates

Extensive knowledge base

Set permissions for your engineers and collaborators so that only relevant designs are shared with the relevant stakeholders. 

Don't get discouraged by the stare of a blank page. Use AllSpice's or your own repo templates to kick-start your hardware development.

Beat the learning curve with our tutorials and in-depth documentation, along with regular support and check-in calls. 

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