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  • Valentina Toll-Villagra

Our founding story

For Engineers. By Engineers.


Our inspiration

One of our founders, Kyle, was working at a 3D printing company two years ago when he first noticed the lack of tools for hardware developers. He was building the electrical and software engineering teams. As the company grew bigger, he looked for tools to help manage the development process and allow his teams to collaborate.

Kyle soon learned that while there were some great options for software, there wasn’t anything comparable for hardware. He discovered that tools would only work with one or two other software programs in his workflow, but not with the entire suite he needed. This meant he and his hardware team had to spend hours manually re-entering information, almost counterbalancing the benefits of adding a new system.

How we started

We met in the fall of 2018 in the first class of Harvard's MS/MBA dual degree program.

Prior to graduate school, Valentina worked at Amazon where she got involved with internal productivity and project management software tools. From this experience, she brought an interest in helping teams design, develop, and adopt digital tools to make their everyday work better.

We spent a semester talking about the challenges in the hardware development space and brainstorming ways to address them. We kept coming back to this notion of making the development process smooth, with fast iterations and data that would empower engineers to design incredible products.

Because we couldn't find a solution to do this, we decided to build one.

Where we are going

Our goal is to build the hardware development ecosystem of the future, where data transparency and automation enable agile design.

How do you think our physical world would look if you could develop hardware with the ease and speed of software?

We think it would look pretty cool.

Curious about some of the other ways AllSpice can improve your hardware development? Let us know below so we can tackle them in a future post, or send us an email at

Valentina is an experienced engineer and former Amazon PM, having managed infrastructure projects and internal productivity software. She holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University and an M.S. in Engineering (Computer Science) and an MBA from Harvard. Passionate about the hardware space and cross-team collaboration, Valentina co-founded AllSpice in 2020.

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