Start developing hardware on git today.

Cloud hosting





Traditional cloud hosting, managed and supported by AllSpice.

Same-day onboarding and implementation

Regular feature updates and performance improvements

Storage and database automatically managed

Dedicated server

Starting at



+ monthly maint. fee as per size & scope of your specific requirements. 



Dedicated AWS server, managed and supported by AllSpice.     


Up to 25 hrs of dedicated annual technical support 

Regular feature updates and performance improvements

Storage and database automatically managed


Server monitoring available


Govcloud available for ITAR compliance


Users with push and pull repository access, meaning that they add and modify design files Typically, electrical and hardware engineers and PCB designers.


Users with read, comment, and review access. Typically firmware, mechanical engineers, managers, vendors, and other stakeholders.

Considering an enterprise tier?

Fortune 500s rely on AllSpice for hardware development. Reach out to us to explain your requirements, see our special enterprise features in action, and how to best onboard teams on a larger scale. Some of our enterprise tier functionality includes:

  • Private, high availability AWS-hosted server

  • Secure, Zero Trust, audited installation

  • Dedicated subdomain

  • Industry-standard, daily data backups

  • Automated storage and database management

  • Option to deploy self-hosted local instance

  • Dedicated annual technical support

  • Onboarding support & training

  • Option to add admin accounts for increased visibility and control

  • Option to promote to GovCloud for ITAR Compliance



Can I sign up for a trial without scheduling a call?

Anyone can sign up for a trial without talking to us. We have extensive documentation if you’re more of a DIY type. But we’re always here to help if you decide later on that you’d like to chat about AllSpice and/ or all things engineering related.

How long does it take to get started on the platform?

A few minutes! Getting up and running is very quick. We can schedule a brief call where we get you set up and answer any of your questions. Or you can also read tutorials, including an AllSpice Crash Course, in our Knowledge Base.

I am a student/ professor. Is there a free educational tier available?

Yes! We have numerous robotics and electrical engineering clubs on our platform. Please schedule some time and we can get you and your fellow classmates up and running.

Because of my industry, our designs remain ITAR compliant. Do you support this?

Yes. We have many customers who are ITAR compliant and utilizing hosting methods, such as GovCloud. Please reach out to us, and our CTO is happy to provide a security overview.

Do you support self-hosting / on-premises?

Many of our customers are on cloud services, but we understand that this is a hard requirement for larger organizations. We will work with you to support your business requirements, even if that means implementing a self-hosting/ on-prem solution.

Do you have more questions or want to see the platform in action?

Reach out to us at or schedule some time where we can answer your questions more in depth and provide proper documentation. We'd love to show you AllSpice - feel free to put some time on our calendar below!