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A git platform made for hardware

Run digital, asynchronous design reviews to get the right products to market faster with AllSpice - a collaboration hub inspired by software principles and designed for hardware development. 

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Coming to hardware teams summer of 2021.

What would our world look like if we could develop hardware with the ease and speed of software?

Collaborate                    Track                   Automate

Engineering is a team activity.

Agile hardware development starts with better design reviews.


Start, merge or approve requests where you can share design updates and ask for feedback.

Record comments to keep you and your team in sync.


Select a section of a design PCB or schematic where you want to add a note or tag a teammate to ask for input.

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PCB design reviews involve more than electrical engineers. 

Give people outside your team, like mechanical or firmware engineers, a web browser view of your designs.

A software environment designed for hardware first.

Keep it all in one place.


Track issues and product release approvals in the same system with your revision-controlled designs. 

Link issues to design reviews.


Know what was fixed when. And what wasn't fixed. And who approved it. And so on. 

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Labels keep things clean. 


Track hardware specific attributes, like development phase, ordering status, manufacturing and connection to PLM.  

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Bring your workflow to the 21st century, finally

Keeping managers in the loop has never been this easy.


Link issues and design reviews to Jira tickets to update management without leaving your environment. 

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Less admin work, more designing.


Spend less time putting together documentation, sharing PDFs over email and tracking people's comments. Share a link instead.

Review packages are automated. 


AllSpice generates PCB, schematic and BOM diffs that highlight your design changes in list form and visually.

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Join the beta

Our closed beta takes place with a few select partner companies. If you think your team is a great candidate to be part of our first cohort, let us know.

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Frequently asked questions

What file formats do you support?

We currently support Altium Designer schdoc, pcbdoc, and csv files. For other formats, reach out to our dev team at

Does AllSpice host my designs?

Yes. Although we understand some users already have hardware projects in other hosting services (such as Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab), in order to build an amazing user experience for hardware designs it's necessary that we host and render files directly. We've worked to ensure a seamless transition between other hosting services.

Can I host AllSpice on-premise?

We don't support local hosting at the moment, though we're looking to add that option for future releases. To check for specific IT security requirements, send us a note at and we'll be happy to verify those for you.

Do I have to use git to be able to use AllSpice?

In a nutshell, yes. If you use SVN and are interested in migrating to git, the process is fairly well documented: . From Git: . From Altium: If you are a beta user, our team will be happy to help you with the process for free. We'll offer migrations as a paid service for new teams starting with the public launch.

How does AllSpice connect to Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab?

We offer optional Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab authenticators for signing in to AllSpice. This makes it easier to login without having to create and manage a new account if you already use one of those git services. Further, you can use our migrator tool to photocopy your existing Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab projects to AllSpice and even keep them as mirror backups for your AllSpice repositories. As always, you have the ability to link to external Github/Bitbucket/Gitlab repositories in your AllSpice repos using git submodule links.

Do people need an Altium license to look at my designs on AllSpice?

No, we render images of your designs that can be viewed by all collaborators with access to your AllSpice review. Think of it as view and comment privileges only. There's no edit functionality on AllSpice, so to make design changes you will need an Altium license.

How much does AllSpice Hub cost?

Our Hub beta has a nominal flat fee for unlimited use for early partners until the public lunch in the summer of 2021. At that point, teams will have the option to convert to a paid license or terminate their accounts. Beta partners that stay on will receive a significant discount to their subscription fee. For price ranges, email us at or send us a note on the contact us page.

Will the diff tool continue to be free?

Yes, the diff tool is our gift to the HW community we so much appreciate. We're engineers as well, and we want to make the hardware development process better for as many people as we can.

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