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The features you need to accelerate your hardware development.

Collab Dev

Collaborative development  

Stay in sync. We’re a platform to organize your hardware designs. Get the latest files and know their correct versions.


Git process tuned for your hardware design files

AllSpice tells you which files changed and what changed in them. Track your BOMs, symbol libraries, cable drawings, assembly instructions, production and test software or firmware.
Your commit messages, immutable SHAs, and branches, are all visualized and rendered in the cloud.

Visualize and share your ECAD designs in the cloud

Review your design drawings in a lightweight and easy to render platform. Drawings are object level and contain metadata.
Pan, zoom, and select individual components to get the information you need with commit messages, immutable SHAs, and branches, all visualized/rendered in the cloud.

Project organization

Add organization to your projects through folders, documentation, and shareable links to never get buried in your files again.

Design Reviews
design review.png

Design reviews

Design reviews start with a comparison of two design versions, a generated diff, and provide a container for conversations between stakeholders. Think software merge/pull requests, but
for hardware.

webpage - features - design review-01.png

In-design feedback

Drag and select an area of your design and enter a comment without taking screenshots. Only receive notifications the way you want - via in-platform, email, Slack, and more. Tag co-workers, configure email notifications, and be able to reply, resolve the conversation, or reference it in a new issue.

Automatically generated redlines for PCBs, Schematics, and BOMs

Highlight added actions in green, removed ones in red, and modified in yellow. Diffs are object-level, ensuring that even the metadata of your changes that aren’t visible, such as an updated manufacturer part number, will be highlighted.

Design review checklists

Start with our hardware design review checklist or build out your templates of your own so teams don’t have to start from scratch each time. Flexible reviewer lists allow you to ensure you have the right team helping you verify your design and get it into production.

Projct Workflow
project workflow v2.png

Project workflow management

Customize your workflow to fit your current one. Save what works to reuse it with repo templates and change what doesn't. Match your existing product development system.

webpage - features - project workflow management-01.png


Never let an action item go uncaptured or unassigned again. Track feature requests, design specifications, bug fixes, and validation/verification requirements. These can be linked to Design Reviews., as well as specific design areas, within specific versions.


Track collections of issues to help your design sprints. Use milestones to help you focus and prioritize an agile release process.


Never ship the wrong files again. See diff from releases and/or grant access to releases (ready versions) while keeping work in progress (reviews/issues) internal.

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Alleviate administrative tasks and unnecessary steps. Plug into your existing workflow and
tech stack.

webpage - features - automation-01.png

AllSpice API

Connect with virtually any system that you’re currently using in your day to day with AllSpice’s API.

Automated PCB, schematic, and BOM redlines

Directly from ECAD files, these visual changes are captured as well as metadata (like component attributes.)

Mirroring files

Automatically sync backups of your repos to external servers, or use AllSpice Hub to mirror from your existing git repos.

Team Admin

Team administration

webpage - features - team administration-01.png

Repo templates

Customize your for each repository using preloaded repo templates, or preload templates that match your current internal process. Providing read/ write granularity to stakeholders without having to always start from scratch.

Org-level settings

Streamline user access with team permissions. . Create separate teams for Contract Manufacturers, reviewers, and people who can create changes, review files, or make edits. Gain granular control
over read/write access to files, issues, design reviews, releases, wikis,
and projects.

Branch protection

Control who can push changes to specific branches. Prevent files from being merged or released without proper permissions.

streamlined communication.png

Streamlined communication

Communicate with relevant internal or external parties via your preferred channels on your
own time.

webpage - features - streamlined communication-01.png

Email notifications

Receive email notifications when files are added, changed, or up for review. See the latest comments and design feedback right from your inbox.

Webhook integrations

Alerts where you and your team are. Share your design changes and review comments to the tools you're already using to communicate like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Discord, and Telegram.

Decentralized feedback

Say goodbye to in-person design review slide decks and highlighting changes in Paint. Ensure you'll get feedback from your entire team by giving them time and space and the tools to add action items and design feedback.

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